Long After Protests, Students Shun the University of Missouri

By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS July 9, 2017 COLUMBIA, Mo. — In the fall of 2015, a grassy quadrangle at the center of the University of Missouri became known nationwide as the command center of an escalating protest. Students complaining of official inaction in the face of...

Summer Reading Books: The Ties That Bind Colleges

By DANA GOLDSTEIN July 1, 2017 Ohio State, the football-mad university of more than 60,000 students, could hardly be more different from Williams College, the prestigious liberal arts school in the Berkshires, or Loyola University Maryland, a Catholic college in...

Out of High School, Into Real Life

Out of High School, Into Real Life By JACK HEALY June 23, 2017 By JACK HEALY June 23, 2017 The high school gym swirled with blue-and-white graduation gowns and glittering dreams. Some seniors had won university scholarships. Others were counting on springboarding from...

Frank Lloyd Wright House, a Demolition Target, Is Now an Architecture School’s Lifeline

The owner of a house designed by Wright for one of his sons gave it to a small, struggling architecture school in Phoenix that Wright founded.

Holberton, a Two-Year Tech School, Emphasizes Diversity

The specialty school, started by two tech entrepreneurs, has no upfront tuition and provides job opportunities in Silicon Valley industries looking for talent.