Out of High School, Into Real Life

Out of High School, Into Real Life By JACK HEALY June 23, 2017 By JACK HEALY June 23, 2017 The high school gym swirled with blue-and-white graduation gowns and glittering dreams. Some seniors had won university scholarships. Others were counting on springboarding from...

Trump Move on Job Training Brings ‘Skills Gap’ Debate to the Fore

By NOAM SCHEIBER June 15, 2017 President Trump is taking one the most concrete steps of his presidency on Thursday to address the employment prospects of workers left behind by the current economic expansion. In doing so, he also joins a long-running and occasionally...

Wind Project in Wyoming Envisions Coal Miners as Trainees

A Chinese turbine maker with a practice of seeking local workers sees benefit in focusing attention on a core group of Trump supporters in need of jobs.

Wheels: Shortage of Auto Mechanics Has Dealerships Taking Action

Car companies have had to create special training and hiring programs to meet the need, and the jobs that are available can pay handsomely.